• Aviation ISAC- 2022 Cyber Risk Survey

Aviation ISAC- 2022 Cyber Risk Survey

Clock Geplaatst op vrijdag 18 maart 2022

The Aviation ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Centre) is an international cyber-threat sharing organization providing aviation-specific threat information to the global aviation community. Each year, the Aviation ISAC surveys its member companies to identify their biggest challenges. This report provides the findings of the 2022 Survey. The survey results revealed deliberate and consistent year-to-year focus on challenging areas, such as identity and access management. An increasing number of companies are employing segregation and segmentation to reduce the impact of a breach. The survey also revealed some important shifts 2022 toward recovery of business functions, data protection,
and supply chain risk management. Within the Aviation ISAC community, this data is used to guide our development of best practices, set threat intelligence requirements, and develop targeted cyber skills among our member companies. This survey can be a valuable benchmarking tool for your company!

You can download the report here: https://www.a-isac.com/reports

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